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Bike Build Donation


Bike Build Donations are one of our most popular CSR programs. After organizing and delivering the best Bike Builds in America for the past 20 years, we proudly announce the future of this very popular giveback program.

With help from our SmartHunts® App and a ton of Apple iPads®, we have created the most fun, fast-paced, hi-energy, hi-tech Bike Build program in the world!

Our Bike Build Donation now feature Apple iPads® delivering text, audio and video clues, exciting gaming challenges, and the ability to capture and save all your memories of this truly heartwarming event with photos and video of your team in action.

Our Bike Build Donation is one of our clients' most popular philanthropic team building programs, and every bicycle your group builds comes with a cool helmet and a lock for safety and security.

After a fun icebreaker to get everyone “in gear,” your group will be formed into teams and receive their tool kits and iPads. Teams with correct answers to their iPad challenges will be rewarded with a trip to our bike store, to get the parts they need for the build.

Teams will utilize the tools of organization, delegation, communication - and some mechanical skills - to build their bikes and complete the fun challenges presented on their iPads.

After the bikes have been built, our bike mechanic will inspect them, so your teams can race them on an Obstacle Course set up nearby.

After the race, teams will add bike accessories and personal touch decorations.

At the conclusion of the program, your group can present these beautiful, finished bicycles to deserving children - accompanied by a local charity representative who will address your group and thank you for your donation.

If your group would like to have children attend the bike build program, it is predicated on the program ending after school hours and the charity’s ability to provide transportation for the children and families to our program location.

We can work with any charitable organization your group chooses - or we can engage one of the many charities we use, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Our Bike Build Donation will strengthen your team and touch their hearts - while putting smiles on faces of the children receiving your generous donation. It will be a day that all will remember. An event where everyone wins!

Experience - With literally hundreds of bike donation programs delivered to tens of thousands of participants, Best TeamBuilding partners have perfected a step-by-step process to ensure a quality delivery that is the best in the industry.

Team Building - Development and delivery of a fun and engaging team building program as the main part of the event and in line with the client’s desired goals and outcomes. This includes all props and materials.

Bike Production – includes all production, purchasing and shipping of materials including Huffy® bicycles, helmets, locks, all bike building tools, bike decorations and all artistic materials for posters and safety signs.

Assessment – Includes meetings with our sales team and lead designer to gather the program specifics which will determine the final agenda, taking into account the group size, room dimensions, table arrangement and open space set-up, exact length of program and arrangement with venue to work with their sound system and technician.

Venue Coordination - If the program is held outdoors, logistics and coordination with venue including plans to address variables (wind, sun, distractions, potential plan “B” for rain etc.)

Donation - We handle all coordination with the charity regarding the donation of the bikes, locks and helmets.

Kids – We make every attempt to have the charity representative and children present to receive the bikes at the conclusion of the program. When this is not possible, we will deliver the bikes directly to the charity.

Room Set-Up - Bike build staff meetings and all pre-program room set-ups.

Facilitation - Qualified lead facilitator and all the assistant staff needed based on group size.

Pricing – The Bike Build Donation event is based on the number of participants.

Travel – We do not charge any travel costs for Best TeamBuilding program staff.

Insurance - Contract and final proposal that will outline all specifics including a copy of our $5,000,000.00 insurance policy for client records.

Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length, and group size.

Build a bike for charity team building event

Recent Client Comments

"We felt so privileged and honored to take part in your new Bike Build program. We couldn’t stop talking about the integration of the iPads - they were a great added value! I also loved that I just booked the program and your team handled the rest. Your facilitator was a great leader- funny, personable and very excited which got everyone super motivated. My team said they would never forget it!"
Jamie - Align Technology

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+ Team Size: 5 to 10

Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours

Space Requirement
20 square feet per person. Internet access via Wi-Fi must be provided by the client at the event location.

We select the most pertinent activities based on a needs assessment questionnaire reflecting your groups goals and desired outcomes.

Team Building Elements

Trust and Relationships
Communication Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Collaborative Idea Sharing
Goal Setting
Planning and Accountability

Eco Elements
We recycle all of the production materials we used in this program. Bike riding is good for the environment and good exercise for the children.

Your group will donate two bicycles per team (one boy’s bike and one girl’s bike). Plus bike helmets and locks. We make every attempt to have the kids arrive at the conclusion of the event, however, we can’t guarantee they will be available.

The kids are the winners in this charitable program.

Goals, Outcomes and Debrief Topics

Reaching Out to Provide Assistance – The Bike Build Donation is a valuable reminder of the impact you will have when giving to others.

Broaden your Support Team - To have fun and get to know your team better while establishing the camaraderie and bonding which occurs from completing a rewarding event.

Morale Booster – You will walk away feeling energized and hopeful when you see the effects of this program. It will drive your passion and lift your energy when you see the looks on the faces of these children.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes Huffy® bicycles, helmets and locks, the team building program, prep, production coordination and all materials, program customization, a professional lead facilitator and staffing.

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More Client Comments

“Thank you for sending the photos of our Bike Build with iPads event. We have enjoyed looking at them again. Also, I would like to thank you and your team at Best TeamBuilding for a wonderful event. Everyone was easy to work with, and incredibly helpful. I would suggest your services to others in the future.”
Katie – Idom Group

“Your Bike Build Donation was by far one of our best events. My whole team had wonderful things to say about your lead facilitator, your staff and the event itself. Our VP sent a note to the SVP praising the event and recommending that all of his teams do this event. What a great way to give back to the community. Having the kids come at the end was a very special touch that will be remembered forever. Thank you so much for making this event a huge success! ”
Angelica - Apple

“I want to thank you and Best Teambuilding for a wonderful event. Our group had an excellent time collaborating together to build the bicycles for our charity.”
Brenda - Wellcare

“The kids are beyond ecstatic with their new bikes! They all have come to me wanting me to thank you again for the wonderful celebration and community impact. This is the “first bike” for many of them and some may not even of had this opportunity if it weren’t for you and your organization. They all made it to school on time the next day (although they were hoping to put in more time on the pedals) and we made it to the hotel to pick up the remaining bikes. Thank you so much for the pictures and making a lifelong impact on our young members’ lives. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!”
Shawn - BGCEV

"I wanted to take a second and say thank you for the great job you guys did at the Bike Build on Tuesday. The group had an amazing time and the added bonus of having the kids there to receive them was truly special. Thank you so much for time, effort and leadership. I look forward to working with you again."
Heather - Cream of the Crop Events

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