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House of Blues® Celebrity SmartHunt®

House of Blues SmartHunts are available Nationwide: Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Orlando, and San Diego!

Your group will have a blast with this fun, fast-paced, celebrity-filled, MISSION FROM GOD! SmartHunt adventure. Our House of Blues SmartHunt has your teams Finding Jake and Elwood Blues so they can be invited back to the House of Blues for a celebration party!

After a quick iPad training, your group will be formed into “blues bands”, issues dark soul man glasses, and told that the orphanage needs to be saved. The only way to do that is to raise the money neccessary to keep the orphanage open, and it’s your job to earn that money at challenge stations you’ll find during the SmartHunt.

Your iPads have a mapping system to guide the way, and an app that quizzing you about Jack and Elwood movie trivia and tasking you to shoot photos and videos of points-of-interest on your journey.

You’ll learn a lot about the other members of your “blues band” as you swap stories and sightseeing opportunities that you’ll be capturing with the camera and video functions on your iPads. Your team might be instructed to:

Find the Nun, who could be anywhere on the route, probably scolding some innocent bystanders with her yardstick.

Sing with the our soulful Waitress, who will most likely be found in a local diner.

Sympathize with the Jake’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, who will be the woman madly waving a sign with a photo of Jake Blues that, says, “Have you seen my man?”

Or party with a member of The Good old’ Boys Band who will be looking for Jake and Elwood at a local cantina.

When you find these char-actors, they’ll have challenges for you and our team to gain points. Of course, the most points your team can gain is by finding Jake and Elwood. - and our SmartHunt’s staff is there to help. You’ll receive text messages about their whereabouts, so run in that direction when you get the texts because a photo or video with the Blues Brothers is worth a lot of points!

After your SmartHunt, all the teams will return to The House of Blues to mix, mingle, drink and dine with their favorite Soul Men! During the ending party and dinner, we’ll be showing photos and videos shot by all the teams on a big screen followed by an awards ceremony where all the members of the winning team will receive gold medals!

Recent Client Comments

“Mixing our popular high-tech corporate SmartHunts with House of Blues creates a truly, outside-the-box entertainment experience. We’ve combined an icebreaker cocktail party with a fun iPad SmartHunt, celebrity look-alikes, and an ending dinner party with music and an awards presentation. It doesn’t get any better than that!”
Scott Flynn - SmartHunts LLC

Group Size: 30 to 200+Team Size: 8 to 10

Program Length: 2 to 4 hours

Space Requirement
Call us for available room sizes.

We can add company related trivia and questions to the iPads with our SmartHunts App and, depending upon the location, theme your ending dinner party at House of Blues.

Team Building Elements

Communication Skills
Creative Problem Solving Skills
Trust and Relationships
Goal Setting
Planning and Accountability
Collaborative Idea Sharing

Eco Elements
SmartHunts are always eco-friendly because we deliver them on Apple iPads using our proprietary App that eliminates all the paper and materials used in traditional scavenger hunts.

Ask us about adding a fun Check Donation puzzle activity to the end of your program. It can be for the benefit of any charity and in any amount your company wishes to donate. We can even have a representative from the charity attend your event to accept your donation on behalf of their organization.

All members of the winning team will receive Awards medals!

Goals, Outcomes and Debrief Topics

Interactive and Energizing – This energizing visual exploration will have teams enjoying each others company and making quick decisions while performing as a unit to earn points.

Problem Solving and Innovation – Deciding as a team the route to take which give them the best chance to score points in the tight timeframe will showcase the teams planning skills.

Fun and Fast-Paced – Strengthening of relationships and sharing laughter and smiles will occur while teams cheer and celebrate each accomplishment along the way to success.

Call us for pricing and availability.

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